• It is always carrying out airway cargo transportation activities by continuously improving customer service with our experienced and educated personnel by always keeping customer satisfaction on the front plan without compromising flight safety.


To develop quality air cargo transportation and improve our service day by day; being our client’s expectations in mind, and without compromising on Safety Rules and using our experienced and trained staff.

Our vision is to be the leading airline in the air cargo transport sector both within our region and globally, with our quality and special flexible solutions

✈ To Implement our activities in line with ICAO Annex 6, IOSA, SHT-OPS, AIR-OPS, SHY-6A, SHT-FCL, SHY-M, SHY-145, PART-FCL, PART-ORA, PART-145, PART-M, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and the Turkish DGCA rules and regulations as well as with ULS Airlines Cargo manuals, and to deliver quality services without compromising Safety and Security Rules.
✈ Enhance our existing Desired Quality Brand image in the international airline cargo transport sector.
✈ To commit the continuous improvement of compliance monitoring management system.
✈ By constantly enhancing our standards, deliver honest, dynamic, innovative and economical services, and thus mark national and international successes for the ULS Airlines Cargo brand and consequently ensure the sustainability of Customers’ Satisfaction and Loyalty.
✈ Continue the fast and productive growth we have accomplished until today, by making client expectations our number one priority, and planning our resources efficiently under the direction of a transparent and participatory management.
✈ Continuous development of staff awareness and skills; self-respect and confidence, based on the fundamental value of Human Comes First, whilst adapting the Contented Employee, Satisfied Customer motto.
✈ To pay particular attention to the rights of employees, stakeholders and the society and to adhere to the Principle of Social Responsibilities.




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